Payment processing made easy.

Payment processing made easy.

Whether your business is big or small, new to town or a fixture in the marketplace - iClassPro Payment Services can help! Our payment processing solution is easy to understand, affordable and secure, and will help you process payments efficiently so you can better manage your business.

Everything to help you process efficiently in-person or online.

  • Simple Pricing

    Simple, Transparent Pricing

    Save a bundle with our flat-rate and interchange plus pricing! No minimums or hidden fees; no statement fees or reporting fees, and no long-term contracts. Discount rates available for merchants processing large volumes.
  • Top-Notch Protection

    Top-Notch Protection

    To ensure data security for you and your customers, iClassPro Payment Services is in accordance with the PCI DSS, and is a Level 1 PCI Compliant Service Provider. Learn More
  • Multiple Payment Options

    Multiple Payment Options

    From PIN Pads and terminals for swipe or chip/EMV to NFC/contactless payments via tap, Android Pay, and Apple Pay - we offer payment options so that your customers can pay the way they want.
  • Easy Recurring Payments

    Easy Recurring Payments

    Our iClassPro software works hand-in-hand with our payments solution by securely storing and managing sensitive card data for batch processing.
  • Automatic Card Updater

    Automatic Card Updater

    Keep auto-payments flowing and maintain accurate credit card data for your customers’ recurring payments. Learn More
  • Integrated and Non-Integrated Options

    Integrated and Non-Integrated Processing

    Cash is easy to handle but nowadays most people pay with cards. We offer two different ways to process payments, integrated and non-integrated so you can pick what works best for you. Learn More
  • Free Live Support

    Free Live Support

    Our dedicated in-house support team is available to answer your payment processing questions Mon - Fri, 8 am - 5 pm (CT). Support is person-to-person and free! Learn More
Payroll Frequently Asked Questions
  • Our dedicated payment services team will help coordinate the resources needed to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Once the merchant application is completed, most new accounts are set up within 1 to 2 business days. Please note that processing of the application could be delayed if the application is flagged for additional review or if incomplete or inaccurate information is provided.
  • Once your merchant application is approved, you will receive a notification that your account is ready to process credit card or eCheck transactions immediately.
  • Funds are deposited to your bank account within 2 to 3 business days. Visit our help center to see our typical funding schedule.
  • For merchants processing less than $50k per month, iClassPro offers a simple, flat-rate cost which makes calculating your processing fees easy and predictable. Our flat-rate is 2.9% + 20¢ for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover and 3.5% + 20¢ for American Express transactions plus a $10 monthly gateway fee. For merchants processing more than $50k per month, we can offer a custom rate plan.
  • When you integrate payment processing with your POS system, the most obvious advantage comes from a more efficient process. You scan an item in, and it immediately connects the sale information to your POS and inventory. The customer runs the payment through and goes on his or her merry way. You have the sale recorded, the payment processed, and your system up to date with what you just sold.

    Non-integrated payment processing means that your sale begins with scanning or typing in your item code at the register. From there, you have to take extra steps to complete the sale. This includes manually entering the sale amount in your register and manually marking the receipt for the sale as paid. Later, you have to add the information from all of these sales and connect it to your inventory and your bookkeeping functions.
  • Interchange pricing is the rate that the credit card brand and issuing banks charge for every credit card transaction. Anytime someone uses a credit card for example a Visa card, Visa will charge an interchange fee.

    Flat-rate pricing means every transaction has the same processing cost. This price will include the Interchange cost to run a transaction plus any additional fees to get one consistent rate.

    For more information on iClassPro Payment Services Interchange and Flat Rate pricing, click here
  • Processing fees are deducted from each settlement amount before depositing funds into your account. For more details on funds transfers, click here.